Rock Crazy

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Book Two in the Moon Rock Series

Abandoned, pregnant, and bi-polar, Katie McGowan’s going crazy on that God-forsaken rock, the Moon!


Katie McGowan is bi-polar, and she’s run the gamut of medications.  Everyone’s telling her she should go to the Moon and have microchip surgery, but she’s afraid she’ll become a robot.  In a last-ditch, tough love effort to force her to get the chip, her husband, Scott takes her to the Moon and divorces her when she decks him. Then she discovers she’s pregnant.  She can’t have the surgery or take her meds until after the baby’s born.

Scott’s elated when he hears he’s going to be a father and naturally assumes Katie will take him back.  He always intended to remarry her as soon she had the surgery.  He has no clue how badly he hurt her, how thoroughly he’s broken her trust—or that he may not get her back at all.


5 Stars, "Rock on!!!" Kindle Lover MM  April 26, 2015  The book is well written, well thought out and you, as the reader, are put in Katie's shoes! You walk with her on her journey as she has to make the hard choices. In her lucid moments, she wants to be "normal". She knows what she is doing is wrong. Then the rage sneaks up on her again. You are there! In my opinion, it takes a great author to make that happen for me!

5 Stars, “What a Story!” Penny Estelle, Author of At What Price?  February 19, 2013  Ms. Weber shows emotions and conflicts of one dealing with bi-polar disease. She does it in such a way, I felt sympathy and outrage for Katie and those she deals with. This author also does an unbelievable job spinning a tale of life on the moon and how folks live and survive. What an imagination!

5 Stars, “An Enlightening and Entertaining Read”  Rosalie Skinner, Author of The Chronicles of Caleath,  February 5, 2013  Rochelle Weber succeeds in spinning an entertaining yarn, in an alien environment, while really giving an insight into a debilitating condition. … The moon setting feels believable, although completely alien. To weave such a compelling tale in such an interesting environment is achieved with great writing and a well-paced and gripping story.

5 Stars, “Not Just Sci-Fi”  Gale Brennan, Author of the War ‘n Wit series and the Dark Series, November 25, 2012  [Katie McGowan’s] a woman battling the personal demon of Bi-polar Disorder while pregnant and unable to rely on the meds that to some extent, allow her to function at least semi-normally. And it's that battle that sets this book apart, the description of the personal battle to birth a healthy baby, to do whatever it takes to see that baby born that will tear at your heart. Because you don't just read it. You feel it.



Updated October 19. 2015