Rock Bound

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Book One in the Moon Rock Series

Jake Johnsrud saved Annie Peterson’s life.  Now slaves on that God-forsaken rock, the Moon, how will they survive?


The future is a dangerous place for dreamers and idealists.

When a dictator takes over the United States, Annie Peterson attends a protest in Washington, DC, with her husband Paul. US troops fire into the crowd killing him, and Jake Johnsrud, a virtual stranger, risks his life to save hers. They are among the survivors who are sentenced to slavery on the Moon for their "crimes"-Jake as a miner; Annie as a sex slave.

Jake fights increasing feelings of anger and jealousy as Annie struggles to perform her job, while she resists her increasing attraction to him. Along with their fellow inmates, they fight to survive on the lunar "rock" that is their prison.



5 Stars, Kindle Lover MM, Amazon Rock Bound - Fact or Fiction?, April 20, 2015

The characters are well developed, the plot is well thought out and develops at a rapid pace. It does NOT end on a cliff hanger so can be read as a stand alone novel. AND best of all, no typos and no glaring grammatical errors! Kudos to Ms. Weber for a job well done! I would definitely consider reading more works by this author.


5 Stars  E. Ben Sefer, Amazon  More than Sci-Fi  December 26, 2013

 Truthfully, this is much more than a science fiction story. Rock Bound is a social commentary with just enough political slant. I cannot count the number of “science fiction” books that turned out to be prescient. Rochelle Weber is reminding us to guard our democratic institutions and always stand up for what is right and just. … Annie [Peterson] and her new friends are resourceful, pragmatic and supportive. Especially Jake [Johnsrud]. Now that Annie’s a widow, is she ready for another relationship? I’m not giving away the entire story, you have to read the book to find out and that includes the fate of Annie’s mother and her son Will she ever see them again? Read the book! I’m looking forward to the second book that continues the story, Rock Crazy.


4 Stars  Beverly Stowe McClure, Amazon  Life on the Moon  December 28, 2011

 I've never thought much about what life on the moon would be like. The author, however, paints a vivid picture of the hardships and trials the prisoners face in their new world. … The author goes into great detail about what the characters must do to survive on the moon. It's fascinating. How much of the facts are accurate I do not know, but Ms. Weber has written a story that held my attention. I think you will enjoy it, as well.


4 Stars  Kurt Adams, Amazon  An Interesting Read  May 11, 2010

 This was a good story and ended up being one of those books I just could not put down. Although I did find parts of it disturbing to me I find myself hoping that there will be additional efforts by Rochelle Weber. There is certainly the potential for this to be an ongoing story even though it stands well by itself.



Upgraded October 19, 2015